When Should The Vertical Blinds Be Used Other Than Horizontal Blinds?

When Should The Vertical Blinds Be Used Other Than Horizontal Blinds?
14 Apr 2022

Vertical blinds have specific edges over the horizontal blinds, and this discussion has highlighted when should these be chosen over the horizontal blinds.

Perth's market is just flooded with a sheer variety of window treatments, and deciding on the best fit becomes a big challenge. The extensive range of curtains and blinds, the market has to offer, features a wide selection of colour schemes, material collection, textures and patterns, while most modern ones are made with different technologies like automation or easy pull for making life easier.

Added to the huge range, deciding between vertical and horizontal blinds create a fresh line of deciding dare. But these two blinds types are different in relation to their characteristics. Thus they stand out in unique and different environments. So your selection becomes much easier.

In this discussion, we shall point out the differences between vertical blinds and horizontal blinds based on the factors determining their selection and when should the vertical blinds be used concerning the advantages the vertical blinds offer better than the horizontal blinds.

What Are the Differences Between Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Blinds? Vertical blinds comprise vertical slats, they have slats or vanes running up and down. Their formation is completely different from the horizontal blind which runs left to right. While the horizontal blinds are found to slide up and down, the vertical blinds are seen sliding sideways. Their opening mechanism is equally distinct. As the horizontal blinds are lifting from the bottom, typically they contain a cord-and-pulley system. On the other hand, horizontal blinds are too heavy for manual manipulation for large windows. So, the vertical blinds beautifully cover the doors and windows.

The long vertical blinds slats are perfectly fit for the doors and broad windows, on the other hand, the horizontal blinds are right for the narrower, taller and smaller windows. Each of these blinds creates a different visual effect. Vertical blinds in their long slats add spaciousness and better height feeling, thereby allowing more amount of filtered light to enter when they are open or closed, in comparison to the horizontal blinds. Since the vertical blinds are stacking to the side when they are open or closed, so they create a complete look exposed window for light to come through along with an unobstructed view. It is no wonder why the vertical blinds have a high demand in Perth.

When Should the Vertical Blinds Be Used? Vertical blinds are the perfect selection for the sliding doors as well as the large bay windows covering which using other window treatments is much more difficult. These are specifically effective for all the doors and windows having a wide expanse. Below, we have shared a quick snapshot of the distinct places that proved as the best fit for the vertical blinds.

1. Large doors and windows in a sunroom
2. Patio doors
3. Bay windows
4. Uniquely large-sized windows
5. Sliding Glass Doors
6. Large French Doors
7. Wide Windows

The window and door size influence the right selection of the vertical blinds for any space. Wider slats are needed for larger windows and doors. You can easily buy the right fit by choosing from the customization options. To meet the requirements of the unique-sized windows, you can conveniently customize the slat or vane size.

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