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Protect your home or Business with Security Film today!

-Perth Design Security Film is not expensive

-Stops 99% UV (stops flooring & furniture fading)

-Takes a lot to gain access through glass with Security Film applied

-Makes glass safer as if the glass is smashed the film holds the glass together



Safety & Security Window Film Perth 

Security film is a fantastic solution to help protect your home or business. A normal glass window when impacted the glass will shatter, but if you add Security film to the same window, it holds the glass together as the adhesive on the film stops it falling apart.

It’s been proven on youtube videos it can take over a minute of constant impacts to get through a window using Security film, during that time there would be a lot of noise and may even exhaust the person trying to gain access through that window or door.

Our security film is 8mil, it’s quite a thick film, but the density is only part of what makes it such a great product, the real hero of this product is the adhesive used on the film as it holds the glass in one piece.

Security film is unobtrusive unlike Roller shutters, bars on the windows or metal security screens, its completely invisible.

Security film makes your windows child safe as if a child falls into the window the glass will still break but not shatter.

It’s also a great option if you love the natural light in your home, but don’t want the harmful UV damaging your furniture and flooring as Security Film stops 99% UV.

Safety film is thinner version of Security film, although it does a similar job as it holds the glass in one piece rather than the glass exploding everywhere when smashed. We use Safe Vision 4mil. Safety film also stops 99% UV.

Safety and Security films are commonly used in child care centers, preschools and primary schools to prevent injury to children from hard contact with glass. The films are also used for buildings that may be susceptible to bomb attacks, violent storms, earthquakes, vandalism and theft.

Perth Tinting only uses certified and tested products that meet and surpass the Australian Standard glazing codes to meet strict safety requirements for day care and child care centres.


Safety and Security Films offer:

  • Increased safety and security for all types of glass
  • Over 99% of Ultra Violet (UV) light rejected
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Insulates and strengthens glass
  • Prevent smash and grab theft
  • Dramatically reduces fading of interior


SC08 Clear Security Film

Solar Energy Reduction 19%

Visible Light Transmission 87%

Ultra Violet Protection 99%


SF04 Clear Safety Film

Solar Energy Reduction 18%

Visible Light Transmission 89%

Ultra Violet Protection 99%


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