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Harmony Window Tinting by Perth Design

Engineered for Vision, Comfort & Thermal Protection

The solar filtering technology of Perth Design Window Films makes a distinct difference in maintaining the look and comfort of any home or building. Whether presenting a uniform appearance from the outside that is architecturally impressive, or helping to preserve the furnishings, product displays and other valuables within, Perth Design range of window films present a good opportunity to save, from the top to the bottom line. Perth Design window film is a protective micro-thin layer of treated polyester that is adhered to the inside surface of existing glass. Solar control versions use metallized or advanced ceramic coatings that act as an insulating barrier and are primarily designed to shield your home or building windows from intense heat, glare and UV rays from the sun.
Harmony emulates the look of expensive tinted glass with a soft natural tone; minimal reflectivity and additionally offers enhanced solar control benefits.
During the day, Harmony provides outdoor privacy and a warm indoor ambience that is ideal for glass areas where maximum glare and fading control is a desired requirement. In the evening, Harmony’s anti-glare carbon coating reduces annoying back reflections and maintains clarity to scenic views.
Harmony’s proprietary alloy construction is Wi-Fi friendly and delivers strong summer heat rejection, combined with excellent UV Ray and fading protection. Harmony films are resistant to colour fade and optical distortion, offering many years of enjoyment and protection.

Helps lower yearly energy costs, Reduces annoying indoor glare, Enhances day & night scenic views, Protects against harmful UV rays, Reduces fading of internal furnishings, Crystal clear, distortion-free adhesive, Makes glass more shatter resistant.
Natural deep tinted exterior appearance, Daytime privacy without the mirror-look, Creates a warm indoor room ambience, Enhanced anti-glare, carbon coating
Minimal back reflection both day & night, Proprietary alloy construction is Wi-Fi Friendly, Strong solar heat reduction.

DN05 Harmony Carbon Natural
Solar Energy Reduction 66%
Visible Light Transmission 95%
Ultra Violet Protection 99%

DN10 Harmony Carbon Natural
Solar Energy Reduction 63%
Visible Light Transmission 91%
Ultra Violet Protection 99%

DN20 Harmony Carbon Natural
Solar Energy Reduction 56%
Visible Light Transmission 80%
Ultra Violet Protection 99%

DN40 Harmony Carbon Natural
Solar Energy Reduction 48%
Visible Light Transmission 60%
Ultra Violet Protection 99%

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