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Timber Look Venetian Blinds


There are many different types of Timber Look Blinds available in Perth, We choose to only sell the best available to our customers at our everyday low prices.
Timber Look Venetians by Perth Blinds have several features that provide advantage over other Timber Look blinds sold by competitors in Australia.
63mm slats allows you to mix 50mm and 63mm blinds using the same product without concerns about matching colours or textures within the same room or house. It also allows you to match 63mm blinds with shutters, when a shutter is not suitable for a certain application.
Embossed finishes are available in 50mm slats. Smooth finish is available for all 50mm and 63mm colours.
Perth Blinds Timber Look range features a more sophisticated embossed pattern, while other
products tend to use a cheaper and more plastic looking embossing, which is also used widely for PVC slat products. Perth Blinds Timber Look Venetians are PVC FREE

What is the Timber Look Venetian range? 
Our Timber Look blinds are a Polystyrene based slat system designed for use in the manufacture of wood look-alike blinds having either 50mm or 63mm slat width. Polystyrene based slat products have been well proven over a long period of time to have amongst the best performance in Australian conditions, including thermal stability. They are very suitable for use in all areas of the home or office, including in wet areas. The maximum width is 2700mm as they are heavy to lift on larger blinds. We only use the best quality Australian parts for our blinds & the head box underneath the pelmet is top of the range, commercial grade.

Timber Look Venetians will not warp, shrink, chip, peel, or fade and will never need painting, making it an ideal choice for around the office or home. The colour is a permanent finish resistant to dents and scratches.
Sophisticated design and the finish combines to create the beautiful look of a fine timber Venetian and the unmatched durability of Polystyrene.

Easy to Maintain
They will not warp, crack or swell due to water exposure. They are ideally suited for all areas of your home, including above kitchen sinks, bathrooms and external areas exposed to sun, rain and coastal conditions. Use a duster or vacuum to clean when necessary.

Australian Made
Local manufacturing means fast delivery and buying from us supports Australian jobs and the Australian economy.

Child safe and Non-Toxic
Child safe cords and the Polystyrene compound is non-toxic.

Strong against the Sun
Won’t be damaged by temperatures not exceeding 60c

Our Timber Look range has several features that provide competitive advantage over other PVC based systems sold in Australia. In particular, these include:
· technologies that raise the temperature rating of the product from conventional levels of
40-45C, up to a level of 55C. The specific technologies used include polymer co-extrusion and special high temperature chemical formulation. Co-extrusion incorporates a lighter colour core that is less heat absorbing, combined with an outer PVC skin that carries the slat colouring.

· A contemporary palette of tinted grey colours has been developed to match the modern colour schemes used in many homes today. The palette has been specially developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s foremost colour experts.

· Wider pelmet allows complete coverage of standard high profile 57x51mm head rail, creating a more finished appearance after installation.

· 63mm slat width is available for 8 of the different colours and allows you to mix 50mm and 63mm blinds using the same product without concerns about matching colours within the same room or house. It also allows you to match 63mm blinds with shutters, when a shutter is not suitable for certain applications.

· Smooth finishes are available in 50mm and 63mm slats, Embossed finishes available to only Snow White, Pearl White and Oyster White. There is also a range of Viny Wrapped Colours which incorporate the wood grain look in 3 modern colours: Driftwood, Ironbark and Slate.

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