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Roller Shutters


If you live in Perth, then you need Roller Shutters, great prices & excellent quality Roller Shutters made here in Perth!

Roller Shutters will help secure your home!

As we all know, break ins happen, and they can be physiologically damaging for all of us effected. So making your home less of a target is totally logical. Roller Shutters will give you that piece of mind, when they are fully closed it would be a big problem for an intruder to enter your home in those areas. Thieves will always target homes which have easy assess and by having Roller Shutters installed you will no longer be a target!

Technical Specifications

Profile Slat covering- 42mm

Profile Slat thickness- 8.5mm

Maximum width- 3200mm

Maximum height- 2600mm

Maximum surface area- 7m

Weight/metre- 3.2kg

Number of slats/metre- 24

Standard length- 5.8

Pelmet head box size up to 1300mm shutter hight- 150mm

Pelmet head box size up to 1700mm shutter height- 165mm

Pelmet head box size up to 2200mm shutter height- 180mm

Pelmet head box size up to 2850mm shutter height- 205mm

Pelmet head box size up to 3900mm shutter height- 230mm

Roller Shutters make improve the insulation of your home/business.

Roller Shutters are installed on the outside of your properties windows. If you have chosen a manual product you will have a crank wind up control on the inside of the window the shutter is on.

If you don’t want manual controlled shutters, you can choose to have electric motorized Roller Shutters or battery operated Roller Shutters. Wired 240v Roller shutters can be installed with a switch control or remote control sensor inside the room. So all the essential controls are securely on the inside of the property. The protective strength of Roller shutters lies in the way they are assembled using interlocking aluminum slats, their internal locking mechanisms that firmly secures the shutter in position when its down, and because they are physically engineered to resist penetration from any outside force, whether that be unwanted visitors, vandalism, extreme weather conditions or bush fires.
Such a great product for any homeowner, this is why you need them!

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