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Perth Shutters


Perth Design Thermalite Shutters made in Perth WA

What makes Perth made Thermalite Shutters so good?

Made in Perth Western Australia with a 25-year warranty!
Will never crack, warp, shrink or discolour
Minimal maintenance and very easy to clean
Louvers will never lose tension
Looks & feels like wood (not plastic)
Internal & external applications
Insulates 3 times greater than timber
Environmentally friendly – made from non-toxic, recycled material
Flame retardant
The shutter will not warp, shrink, chip, peel, or fade and will never need painting, making it suitable for inside and outside your home. The colour is a permanent finish resistant to dents and scratches.

Virtually maintenance-free
They will not warp, crack or swell due to water exposure. With a simple two-part hinge they can be simply removed and washed with a hose. They are ideally suited for all areas of your home, including above kitchen sinks, bathrooms and external areas exposed to sun, rain and coastal conditions.

Hinged and Hinged Bi-fold
Standard Hinged Systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Single panels can be individually hinged or two panels may be hinged together from the frame in a Hinged Bi-Fold design. They can be single hung or double hung with more options possible

Bi-fold on Track
Bi-Fold on Track Systems allow up to eight panels to be hinged together. Panels are connected to a top and bottom track, which both support the panels and guide their folding movements. Panels must be hinged together in multiples of two to enable them to operate within the bottom track.

Shutter panels in a By-Pass Track System are not hinged. Instead, they slide on top tracks to open and close. The By-Pass System allows you to cover wide widths, and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows. Note: Only the 64mm louver will pass in the fully open position.

Get Uninterrupted Views
Our exclusive world patented Ultraclear system option has no visible control rod providing an uninterrupted view.

Plantation Thermalite Shutters unique louver tension system will never need tightening or adjusting. Additionally, Plantation Thermalite Shutters have the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the window covering Industry.

This unique environmentally friendly product can be found in suburban homes, hotels, hospitals and resorts.

Perth Design Thermalite Shutters have the look and feel of wood with several major advantages. Made from dense polymer foam, Thermalite is a solid, non-toxic synthetic material. Being 100% made from renewable synthetic material, no natural resources are destroyed in the manufacturing process.

Thermalite is water resistant, fire retardant and provides over 2-3 times the insulation of wood and vinyl shutters making it the ideal choice for both internal and external applications such as bathrooms, balconies, kitchens or anywhere around the home. The superb painted finish on the Thermalite Shutters ensures they won’t yellow like other shutters. Thermalite Shutters are a superior solution compared to other plantation shutters and can be placed as internal or external plantation shutters. There are Two Colours available, Bright White and Off White Thermolite Shutters hinges only come in white. Eleven shaped options available half circle, eyebrow, quarter circle, tunnel, elliptical, hexagon, symmetrical angle top, angle top, octagon, full rake or half rake. Thermolite Shutters come in two colour options Bright White or Off White. Perth Design Shutters are the perfect and best solution to cover your shaped windows Concealed louver and tilt bar caps provide a clean and seamless looking shutter.

Shaped Windows are no problem
Shutters for more unusual shaped windows are an excellent solution. Any shape can be copied perfectly to give a stunning aesthetic and great light block out. This way the feature window is not lost behind curtains or roman’s, and a buildings character is reinforced in the designs of the shutters. We can provide solutions for previously impossible to dress windows, as all our products are custom made to fit, we can create circular, hexagonal, triangular, arched and angled windows, whatever unusual design you have, Perth Eagle Blinds can help. Shutters are perfect for Perth’s architectural shaped windows and the best solution to increase your property value too.


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