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Panel Glide


Panel Glide Blinds by Perth Blinds

Perth Panel Glides in our Perth design Range come in 2-6 panels of fabric. Panel Glides can be made to bunch left, right or center open/center bunch only in Perth Design range and are wand controlled (see panel diagram on this webpage).
Perth Design Panel Glides can also have Aluminum battens if you don’t want them to look plain. The battens are the same we use for our Perth Design Roman blinds making easy to match Romans and Glides in the same room using the same fabric and battens if you choose.
Perth design blinds Panel Glide tracks are made by Acmeda, which is a trusted Australian brand, and we only use the best quality Australian parts and mechanisms for our Panel blinds.
The base of the panels can be fabric wrapped around Aluminum, which is called a teardrop base or you can pick from our range of roller blind bases made of Aluminum. Colours include white, anodized, birch & black in oval or flat shape. Available in oval only are luxe bronze, storm, charcoal or beige.
The fabric panels are attached to the track sliders with Velcro. Panel Glide tracks come in a choice of four colours- Black, white, birch or anodised.
Perth Design Panel Glides use the same fabric as Perth Design Roller Blinds & Roman Blinds. So you can use all three types of blinds in the same room with matching fabric!
Choose from Blockout fabric, Light Filter fabric or Sheer Sunscreen fabric.
Panel Glides- What you need to know!
Glide is perfect for any sliding window or sliding door. But do be aware that you will loose a part of your view through any window using this product, as it has to stack up at to the size of the panels eg. 2000mm 2indow with 4 Panels will loose around 570mm of your window to fabric cover!
They can be manufactured in any Roman or Roller fabric, so they can be used in conjunction with these types of blinds and still looks consistent.
Glides fabric blades can be made in either Block-out, sheer (sunscreen) or translucent fabric with a huge range of colours and textures. Fabric is ultra-sonically cut to avoid fraying and we only use Australian made fabrics for the best results. We have a huge range of fabrics and there is three types of fabric Block out to stop the light, Translucent to let the light in but stop glare, heat, UV and give you privacy day and night. Then there is Sheer which will stop some heat, UV, Glare and people cant see in from outside during daytime, but at night it works in reverse. Most of our fabrics are stain repellent and mold repellent. Plus all fabrics are manufactured in Australia or New Zealand and made of Polyester. Some sheer fabrics are made of fiberglass and polyester. Please see fabric range for more information on our extensive fabric range.

The fabric your Panel Glides are made of matters more than you may realise!
Perth Design range of fabrics have been carefully selected from the best Australian made fabrics available so we can give you the best performance Roller blinds possible. Most of our fabrics are easy to spot clean by using a small amount of mild detergent on a clean cloth. We use 100% Polyester for our block out and light filter fabrics. All fabrics are lead free & fire retardant where applicable.
We have a huge range of fabrics for you to choose from for you Perth Design Panel Glides & there are three types of fabric-

Block out to stop the light

Translucent/Light Filter to let in the light but stop glare, heat, UV and give you privacy day and night.
Or Sheer/Sunscreen which will stop some heat, UV, Glare and stop people seeing in from outside during daytime, but at night it works in reverse.

Cleaning your Panel Glides

Dust can be easily brushed off using a soft cloth, duster or vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Soft marks can usually be removed using a pencil eraser

Fabric Panel overlapping

The fabric on glides overlap between 50-70mm. Diagrams on right show options of panel/track configuration

Aluminum Batten Colours

Colours available to choose from if you decide to include them are as follows; Front batten colours- Anodised, candlelight, cedar, chrome, cotton, ebony, rosewood & walnut. Back batten colours- Birch, black, grey & white

Wand controls

Perth Design Panel Glides come with a wand control system. The wand control should be operated using a pulling action at 45 degree or horizontal position for smooth opening/closing of the blind. Wands are 1000mm long as standard & either black or white
Perth Design range of fabrics have been carefully selected to bring you the best quality Panel Glide blinds to protect your home from Perth’s high UV levels, Heat, Glare and give your home or office the privacy you need. Our entire Perth Design fabric range can be viewed by clicking the PDF links below. Group 1 is budget fabric- Group 9 being the top of the range fabrics.

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