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Roller Blinds are the most popular blind choice in Perth and around Australia. Our Roller Blinds are a little different to Holland blinds most Aussies grew up with in the 70s 80s. Rather than being controlled by springs, they are either chain controlled or motorised.

Rollers 2017 pdf

We offer a FREE upgraded chain control made of stainless steel, rather than a metal chain and if you prefer you can choose from black, grey, cream or white plastic. Our chain controls are completely child safe as our installers tension the chains to comply with Australian Law and for your family, friends and pets safety.
We have a huge range of fabrics for you to choose from and there are three types of fabric- Block out to stop the light Translucent/Light Filter to let in the light but stop glare, heat, UV and give you privacy day and night. Or Sheer/Sunscreen which will stop some heat, UV, Glare and stop people seeing in from outside during daytime, but at night it works in reverse.[/vc_column_text]

Rollers- Blockout fabric


Rollers- Translucent/Light Filter Fabric

Rollers- Sheer/Sunscreen Fabric

We have a great range of base rail choices to give your Rollers an exclusive look. You can select from either flat or oval shaped bases with lots of colour choices. We also offer another FREE upgrade to Teardrop base (fabric the roller blind is made of wrapped around aluminium) Please see the image below.
Bracket colours come in a choice of four colours, black, beige, white and grey and they can all come with end caps too if required

Four bracket colours to select from!

Bracket end caps

Rollers can be reverse rolled or standard rolled (reverse rolled is when the fabric runs over the front of the blind, also known as front rolled). We give you booster springs if your blinds are oversize to reduce the weight of the blind when pulling it up if its chain controlled. All our Roller blinds fabrics are ultrasonically cut to prevent fraying.
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Our roller blinds mechanisms and parts including the roller tubes are manufactured by Acmeda. Acmeda is a top quality manufacturer of roller blinds parts and components.
Blinds can be linked if required, using a linking bracket. Linking blinds must be next to each other as the linking bracket replaces the normal bracket. Rollers can also be linked round corners to reduce the gap. Roller blinds can be linked to move as groups of up to three blinds using up to 2 linking brackets. Linking brackets can be used for chain controlled or motorised Rollers as well as Dual Roller blinds too.
‘We upgrade your chain controls to stainless steel for no extra cost!’
Most of our fabrics are stain repellent and mould repellent. Please see fabric range for more information on our extensive fabric range. Fabric quality will effect the price of your quote considerably, Group 1 is the cheapest fabric, going all the way up to Group 9 for the Top of the range fabric. Fabric options for Rollers can be viewed in they’re pricing groups at the bottom of this page.
Perth Design range of fabrics have been carefully selected from the best Australian made fabrics available so we can give you the best performance Roller blinds possible. Most of our fabrics are easy to spot clean by using a small amount of mild detergent on a clean cloth. We use 100% Polyester for our block out and light filter fabrics. All fabrics are lead free & fire retardant where applicable.
Dual Roller Blinds
Dual roller blinds are the perfect solution for where you need privacy and natural light as well as the need to blockout the light. Duals can be either chain controlled or motorised. Dual Rollers come in a choice of grey, white, black and birch dual brackets. Dual brackets are
available in two different styles

Left- Grey Standard Dual bracket

Right- White Combo Dual bracket

standard brackets which are around 125mm width or our slim combo

Motorised Roller Blinds/ Motorized Dual Roller Blinds
We have several motors you can select from, but we put our trust in Acmeda motors. Acmeda motors come with a 5-year guarantee and are available in both wireless rechargeable remote controlled motors or wired 240v motor, which can be remote control, switch controlled or work with home automation like C-Bus. Wired Motors- Remote control or home automation
Acmeda make great motors that are quiet and reliable. Available in 240v wired with either remote control operation or controlled by a wall switch. Acmeda motors can also be wired to work with most home automation systems. For large windows where the blinds may need to be split, the motors are able to lift up to 3 linked blinds or up to 7 meters width of blinds.
Battery Wireless Motors
Battery operated motors are now the most popular motor choice in Perth and will last up to 6 months before needing recharging using the power cord we provide you with. So you don’t need to change any batteries as it’s a built in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Plus all Battery motors come with a 5year warranty too.
Both wired remote controlled motors by acmeda and wireless rechargeable motors can be controlled with a single channel remote or a 15-channel digital display remote.
Remote controlled Rollers can be controlled individually or as a group. Eg. If you have up to 14 blinds in a room, we can program channel 15 on your remote to open/close all those blinds together as a group.

1 & 15 Channel Remote

Dual Roller Blinds (image above)

Rechargeable Battery Motor

Switch control

Perth Design range of fabrics have been carefully selected to bring you the best quality Roller blinds to protect your home from Perth’s high UV levels, Heat, Glare and give your home or office the privacy you need. Our entire Perth Design fabric range can be viewed by clicking the PDF links below. Group 1 is budget fabric- Group 9 being the top of the range fabrics.
If you want your Roller Blinds finished with a Pelmet, we can do that for you. We use plastic pelmets with a fabric insert (using the same fabric as you have selected for your blinds. Pelmet colours include Linea, Black, White mist, Cedar, Cotta (cream) available in 98mm high & 140mm high.

NEW-The D30 silent weight bar features two allocations to house either a Clear Bubble Seal or Fabric Brush. A refined clear bubble seal can be added to assist maintaining a quiet environment, ensuring noise is muted when the bar comes in contact with window frames when disturbed by movement. A fabric brush can be utilised to close up extra light gaps on cassette dim out roller shades, providing an increased light block-out solution. Allocations positioned at the back and underneath the bar are identical to provide an interchangeable solution for your preferred upgrade.

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Click on the PDFs below to view our Roller blinds fabric range
Prices start at Group 1 being the lowest price, group 3 is what mid range fabric and everything above group 3 is premium fabric


Group 8 sunscreen perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 7 sunscreen perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 7 perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 6 perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 5 perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 4 perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 3 Sunscreen perth Design fabric colours pdf


Group 2 Vertical perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 2 perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 1 Vertical perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 1 Sunscreen perth Design fabric colours pdf

Group 1 perth Design fabric colours pdf

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