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Canadian Cedar Venetian blinds by Perth Design

Canadian Cedar is a 100% natural timber blind system, designed to appeal to customers who are seeking a natural looking Timber blind. The product also features a stylish 70mm pelmet and flat base rail. We only offer Canadian Cedar Lacquered and not oiled in our Perth Design range. Lacquered Cedar is almost maintenance free as you don’t need to apply any oils to the blinds, cleaning the blinds is the only maintenance. There are different qualities of Cedar blinds available in Perth, We choose to only sell the best available to our customers at our everyday low prices. Please read below why our Perth Design Canadian Cedar Timber Venetians by Perth Design have several features that provide competitive advantage over other Timber blinds sold by competitors in Australia. In particular, these include: 70mm wide shaped pelmet allows complete coverage of standard high profile 57x51mm head rail, creating a more finished appearance after installation.

We only use the best quality first grade Canadian Cedar Timber, made from plantation timber. Canadian Cedar is much lighter than Timber Look Venetians, so you can have blinds made up to 3m wide that have similar weight to Timber Look blinds just half the size. Canadian Cedar is a natural colour finished product, although we do make 90mm blade white Canadian cedar.

46mm Cedar is only available in natural Light-Medium tones or Medium- Dark tones. Features a stylish and functional trapezoidal shaped bottom rail. This shape provides better closure and allows the bottom rail to sit lower to the windowsill, therefore reducing light gaps.

Canadian First-grade Cedar Timber Venetians by Perth Design Colours/slat sizes

White-90mm blades Cedar Light- Medium tones lacquered Cedar 46mm or 90mm blades Medium-Dark tones lacquered Cedar 46mm or 90mm blades

Important information about Perth Design Canadian Cedar Venetian Blinds!

UV protected

Canadian Cedar venetians are lacquered with a UV-stabilized lacquer to reduce fading. The UV Stabiliser will slow down the fading of Perth design Canadian Cedar blinds but not stop the fading from the Suns UV completely. Canadian Cedar will bleach over time, but this happens gradually, depending on the level of exposure to the sun.


Cedar is a natural product, so there will be some variation in the colour of the blades from piece to piece.

Wet areas

Canadian Cedar is very moisture-resistant. However, the lacquer finish used on these is designed for interior use only, so they are not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms or laundry’s.

Sophisticated design

Natural Timber always looks stylish

Twisting or Warping

Canadian Cedar is used in blinds and because it is a very stable timber. Warping or twisting rarely happens, as Cedar is a strong Timber.

Child safe and non-toxic

Child safe cords and the Timber is non-toxic product.


Canadian Cedar a very soft timber so if you hit the blind with something the timber will dent easily. Blades can be replaced if damaged but at a cost.

Product warranty                              

Perth Design Canadian Cedar range is provided with a one-year warranty.

Basic maintenance

Use a duster or vacuum to clean when necessary. Don’t use Canadian Cedar Timber for wet areas though as steam or water on the blinds may cause damage.

Environmentally Friendly

The Canadian Cedar used for our blinds is grown primarily in plantations in Canada and North America. It is relatively slow growing, but readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply.                 

Australian manufactured

Local Perth manufacturing means fast delivery and supports Australian jobs.

Child safe and non-toxic

Child safe cords and the Timber is a non-toxic product.

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