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Hardwood Timber


Perth Blinds Hardwood Timber Venetians are 100% natural timber, designed to appeal to customers who are seeking a combination of classical painted or stained colour, stylish appearance and the lighter weight that can only be provided by a real timber blind systems.

There are lots of different types of Timber blinds available in Perth, We choose to only sell the best available to our customers at our everyday low prices. Please read below why our Hardwood Timber blinds are the best available in our opinion.

Hardwood Timber Venetians by Perth Blinds have several features that provide advantage over other Timber blinds sold by competitors in Australia. In particular, these include: 82mm wide arched pelmet allows complete coverage of standard high profile 57x51mm head rail, creating a more finished appearance after installation. We only use the best quality Timber from plantation hardwood timber.
Hardwood Timber is much lighter than Timber Look Venetians, so you can have blinds made up to 3m wide that have similar weight to Timber Look blinds just half the size. In fact, our Hardwood Timber range is around the same weight as a 4mm cedar blind.

63mm slat allows you to mix 50mm and 63mm blinds using the same product without concerns about matching colours or textures within the same room or house. It also allows you to match 63mm blinds with shutters, when a shutter is not suitable for certain applications.

63mm Bottom Rail to compliment the 63mm wide slats.

Features a stylish and functional trapezoidal shaped bottom rail. This shape provides better closure and allows the bottom rail to sit lower to the windowsill, therefore reducing light gaps.

Hardwood Timber Venetians by Perth Blinds

Basic maintenance:
Use a duster or vacuum to clean when necessary.
Hardwood Timber is not recommended for wet areas as steam or water on the blinds may cause damage.

Australian manufactured - Local manufacturing means fast delivery and supports Australian jobs.
Child safe and non-toxic - Child safe cords and the Timber is non-toxic product.
Paris is a natural product, so there can be some minor variation in product from piece to piece.
Matching Pelmet and fascia.
Slats and base rails are constructed using some finger joined materials, generally having a maximum of two joins per length. There are no finger joins used in the fascia profile, which enhances the overall appearance of the blind in cases where these joins could be discernible.
Finger joins are now widely used in wooden construction and in the case of blind slats can generally lead to more stable and consistent behaviour in the wood. Ninety-five per cent of the finger joins used will either be invisible or not detectable by an average customer.
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