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4 Things You Should Know About Buying Blinds for Your Home?

Blinds are widely used for shading and ventilation for indoor and outdoor. However, they have several practical functions that you might not be aware. For example, blinds can help to act as a temperature controller for your rooms, by the use of thermal sensor. Below we will explain the primary functions of the blinds. Based on the functions, you shall understand your need, and we will let you know 5 things to buy blinds for your home.
Primary Functions of Blinds
The most critical function for blinds is to protect the privacy from you and your family. The blade direction of the blinds can effectively block the sight from people outside your house. They could not see what you are doing at home. At the same time, when you are at home, your shadow will not be seen significantlyby people outside.
In addition to the blocking of direct sunlight, you might be not aware that blinds can help to control the room temperature. Blades are made of good heat insulation materials. When there is a direct sunlight that shines to your room, the room temperature might increase, and you might turn on the air-conditioning to adjust the temperature. With the help from blinds, you can adjust the blades of the blinds, blocking the sunlight enters into the rooms. Nowadays, some houses are equipped with automated system to control the angle of the blades.
People are aware that the blinds shall be used to block the direct sunlightenteringintothe rooms. However, by adjusting the intensity of the sunlight entering into the room, they can use the sunlight to substitute the use of lamps at home in some circumstances. With the installed sensor, the system can automatically adjust the direction of blades, maintaining constant intensity of sunlight entering into the houses.
4 Things about Buying Blinds for Your Home
Having the understanding on the primary purposes of blinds, you shall figure out the requirements of your blinds. Here, we will explain things you need to know for buying the blinds.

Check the Color
When buying the blinds, you shall check the stand, adjust the rod and accessories, and confirm they are in the same color. When you bought the blinds with different colors, you are impossible to do re-work on the blinds anymore. Therefore, color checking is the crucial factor you need to consider.

Check the Finish
When you are purchasing the blinds, you shall try to feel the smoothness of the blades, and other accessories. If you find any
Check the Open & Close of the Blinds
You are encouraged to check the open and close of the blinds. The manufacturing of blinds sometimes damages the blades, making them difficult to keep straight.
Check the Deformation Resistant
Open and close the blinds are the common actions you frequently do. Without good deformation resistant, the blinds are not durable to be used for long time. Therefore, you are suggested to bend some blades and verify the restoring power.
From the above discussion, you shall understand the purposes of the blinds for your home and how to choosethe right blinds for you home. If you are still not comfortable with the selection of blinds, you are encouraged to find the blinds from brand names, such as the Perth Blinds. With excellent quality of the products, you shall save much time in sourcing and checking of the right blinds for your home.

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

Choosing the perfect blinds Perth is essential to make your house a home. This involves choosing the right design, colour and thinking about the style of the windows or doors that you’re covering. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect blinds for your home.

Choose One to Work with the Window or Door:

If you have French doors, blinds that pull upwards will not be the best option. They will not help you use the doors since the sliding is likely to catch on the blinds. You will need to look out for vertical ones that will pull sideways – but make sure you can pull them in the same way your door moves. The same applies if you have windows that open upwards or outwards.Choose the style of blind that allows you to gain full access.

Think About the Material for the Blinds Perth:

Blinds come in different materials, including wood, metal and fabric. Some materials are better than others – wooden ones are more durable and easier to clean while fabric ones will match colours of the rooms much easier. You will need to think about your needs, such as the room you will place the blinds in – fabric blinds can suffer from mildew in moist areas – and the use of the room.

Choose Colours that Complement the Room Colours:

Unless you’re redecorating, choose window blinds that will match the colour of the room – or at least complement them. Red blinds in a pink room will clash but having a lot of pink may be too much so cream might work better. If you are looking at selling your home or renting it out, consider neutral colours to help it sell much quicker – bold colours put buyers and renters off!

The Ease of Cleaning:

This has already been mentioned but you need to think about how easy it will be to clean the blinds. Wooden and metal blinds require a duster the majority of the time but are easily wiped down with soapy water. It is harder with fabric blinds. While it is possible to buy some that are easily removed from the sliding to place in the washing machine, some cannot be removed at all. This can cause a problem for some rooms, especially bathrooms and kitchens where moisture or grease will damage the material.

The Use of the Room:

Fabric window blinds are often a great option for children’s bedrooms. They are available in many colours to match their wants and are easy to pull up and down. While they’re not as durable as wooden ones, they are easier for your children to handle so are less likely to be broken. However, the dining room may benefit from a wooden blind to add sophistication and style, while a bathroom may benefit from a metal one because of the moisture.

Choosing blinds Perth can take some time but it is worth doing that. You will find something that matches the style of your home and meets all your requirements.

Blind Advantages


Blinds are quickly taking over the home décor arena, making other alternatives such as curtains a thing of the past and it is not difficult to see why.
Their modernistic and multifarious designs make them suitable to an exhaustive variety of interiors and windows. For anyone who cares to make his home trendy and aesthetic, blinds with their wide choice of fabrics and styles is the obvious choice. You can pick a style (roman, Venetian, vertical, rolls down etc) that complements your home design.
Compared to curtains, blinds have the added advantage of versatility. They can fit all different shapes and sizes of windows, doors and even skylights and sunroofs. The fabric can be selected to suit different atmospheric conditions of heat and moisture, making them especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Material alternatives like wood, plastics, natural and synthetic fabrics, metals such as aluminum etc are available to suit different tastes, budgets and situational requirements.
Blinds are remarkably convenient when it comes to simultaneously managing your light control, temperature control, air circulation and privacy requirements. Motorized blinds are a good option where convenience is important. They can be operated by the push of a button, and often by remote control. Blinds Perth makes it even easier for you with timers and sensors to fully automate blind movements. You can decide when your blinds should be lowered each day, set the timers and then forget all about it. Blinds can also be programmed to open and close by sensing the levels of sunlight entering the room or the temperature within the room. This helps maintain optimum temperatures in your home interiors and is not just easy but also a very cheap way to do so. Power consumption and installation costs are meager in comparison with air conditioners and room heaters.
Apart from providing privacy blinds help regulate heat and UV rays entering the home. With no coolants and CFCs required what a delightful cooling choice for the environmentally responsible citizen. Blinds facilitate light control without hampering air circulation. It has never been so easy to customize the atmosphere within your room. Just the right amount of light and natural convection of fresh air to maximize your comfort.
Blinds will also save your time and energy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. While curtains have to be taken down and washed, a time taking process, blinds can be wiped clean in no time. Especially in the case of metal and plastic blinds, maintaining the flawless beauty of your interiors is a walk in the park. They are less susceptible to the fading effects of sunlight and moisture.
If you still need more reasons to switch to blinds, visit Blinds Perth where you will fall in love with our innovative and happening designs. After 27 years of satisfying (read delighting) customers, we are eager for more…


Getting Ready for Blinds

When it comes to accessorizing your windows and doors, while it is easy to see that installing blinds is the best choice regardless of whether your priorities lie with aesthetics, versatility, budget-friendliness, reliability or maintainability, there are still some things to be kept in mind before you rush to a blinds store. Some of them are listed below.
Needless to say, it is always better to choose a style that suits your décor. But more than that, the size orientation and location of the windows (or doors) also play a big role. There are a wide variety of blinds to choose from such as Roman, Venetian, Vertical, Roll down etc. While horizontal slats are more suitable for bedrooms and living spaces they become heavy and inconvenient in the case of large and long windows. Vertical blinds are best suited for large windows and can be slid to one side of the window or parted in the centre depending on the design. Roller blinds are convenient to operate and easy to wipe down and clean. Your selection of blinds will hence depend on your specific set of wants and requirements.
Blinds generally come in wood, faux wood, vinyl, metal, or fabric designs. These materials differ from each other in quality, cost, performance, maintainability, resistance to heat and moisture etc. Metal blinds are generally the best at blocking out light as they form a tight seal when closed. They are easy to clean and provide a modern and sophisticated feel to your interiors. Wooden blinds on the other hand are best for temperature regulation. They blend in well with rooms containing wooden furniture. Faux wood blinds perform better than wooden blinds in moist conditions (such as kitchens and bathrooms). For those who do not shy away from ostentation, designer fabric blinds is a reasonable option.
Climate becomes a deciding factor, especially for outdoor blinds. Better quality material is required to withstand tougher climate. Rain or heavy shine are not conducive to long life of blinds. Alternating periods of the two are even more damaging. Hence it is advisable to size up the local climate of where you stay before choosing your blinds.
It is very important to measure the accurate dimensions of your windows and doors. A perfect sized blind can enhance the beauty of your living space. On the flipside, a blind too big or too small can make it look equally awkward. The first step is to choose whether the blind will be installed inside the window frame or outside it. Whatever the decision, more than one measurement is to be made along the height and width of the space to be covered. Out of these measurements, the minimum width and maximum height are to be selected in the case of venetian blinds and the maximum width and minimum height in case of vertical blinds (assuming the blinds are to be fitted within the window frame).
Expert Help
This is perhaps the most relevant on the list because it covers for almost all the above points. If you do not want to or don’t have the time to fret over what size, material or style of blinds is best suited for your requirements, simply go to the experts and let them take it from there. But one word of caution: there is no dearth of shops and stores selling blinds, both online and offline. It is advisable to choose a store that has experience and expertise in the field.
With 60,000 satisfied customers over 27 years Blinds Perth provides just the kind of dedicated professional help you need. Going through some customer testimonials at may convince the dithering souls that here at Blinds Perth we are eager to help your homes transcend your expectations.

Technology used for Blinds

High Technology Used for Blinds

Blinds are widely used for shading and ventilation for indoor and outdoor. However, users need to manually move the blinds by hands. Nowadays, manufacturers such as the Perth Blinds are pleased to introduce the automated system for the effortless control of blinds. Below we will explain the advantages of the use of high technology towards the control of blinds, as well as, several key high technology manufacturers are introducing.

Advantages of the Use of High Technology
In the past, the control of the blinds is handled manually by hands. However, nowadays, we are happy to have the automated system to replace the manual way.
Normally, the blinds are at the location that we can control easily. However, some blinds are far away from you, which you are difficult to reach. With the remote control, you can manage the blinds easily and conveniently.
Some automated systems are equipped with timer. After setting the timer, when sunrise, the system can open the blinds for you. On the contrary, during sunset, the system might try to close the blinds for you. Such effortless control on blinds shall make you happy.
The main purpose of the blinds is to block the direct sunlight entering into the rooms. With too much sunlight, the room temperature shall be increased and you might need to turn on the air conditioning to adjust. It shall waste money for the electricity. Instead, the automated system with sun sensors can definitely help you. With the sensors, the system shall understand there is much sunlight outside the room; the blinds shall be closed for you.

Key High Technologies for Blinds
As mentioned above, there are several advantages with the use of automated systems. Below, we will explain some technologiesthat are currently using at homes.
Remote Control
With remote control, users can transmit the signal to the system, which can open and close the blinds. Such control is particularly useful to manage the operation of blinds far away from you.
With timer, the blinds can be opened or closed in a particular time frame. Users do not need to spend time to open or close the blinds every day. Such timer is convenient to the users.
Sun sensors
The sun sensors are used to detect the sunlight levels. When the levels exceed certain temperature, the system is programmed to open or close the blinds for you. The operation is automatic, without the involvement from you.
From the above discussion, you shall understand the advantages of the use of high technology towards the control of the blinds, and the key technologiesthat are currently using. The information mentioned above might be brief to you. If you would like to have more examples and explanations of the high technologies, you are encouraged to find the blinds from brand names, such as the Perth Blinds. With mature use of the high technologies, you shall save much time in sourcing and checking of the right blinds for your home.

What you should know about buying blinds for your residence??

It is indeed a good thing to buy high quality blinds for your residence; the truth is that your residence will never remain the same after furnishing it with these high quality blinds. Our company is accredited and has stood the test of time. These blinds will give ultimate protection to your office or residence.
In fact, it offers security, decorative and solar tint for your tinting needs. Among other things, you will surely get some years of lifetime warranty. Perth blinds are truly the best. Below are some its truest characteristics:
Low reflectivity
Resembles tinted glass both from inside and outside
Have beautiful looks
Tested, trusted and guaranteed against fading and color change
Doesn’t contain dye
Perfect for commercial and residential applications
Lifetime residential guarantee
Made from superior materials
If you go through our site, you will be excited seeing some of the quality testimonials posted by those that have used our products in the past. Thousands of people have used our services in the past, while others are still using it presently. These satisfied customers keep commending our work.
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Indeed, it is a good thing to get quality services from a company that truly cares. The products will be delivered as quickly as possible; we don’t delay our customer’s goods. We make sure we give you goods that will add great value to your home or office.
By using our services, you are sure of getting exceptional value for your money, and best services. We will be happy to attend to all your needs from simple to complex. You can either mail or call on us; we will visit your home or office to discuss some important issues concerning blinds.
We will gladly give you a free quote if you request so either by calling us right away or mailing us. If you choose to mail us, an agent will reply to your mail within 24 hours. In the first place, we will help you in developing a nice concept; this will help you in making a choice, because we know that some clients do not really know how to do so.
We are solely in business because of you, so we will do everything humanly possible to see that you are completely satisfied. For anyone searching for quality products, with a sincere heart, we recommend Perth Blinds for you.
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Which Type of Window Blinds Should You Buy?

With so many different types of blinds Perth to choose from, it can become difficult to choose between them. You can’t just think about the materials; you also need to think about the different styles to make sure they suit your windows. Not only that, but you have to think about any blinds for patio or French doors that you have. Here’s a breakdown of the blinds available to help choose between them.

Wooden and Metal Blinds

Both wooden and metal blinds are the traditional horizontal blinds. There are slits between each strand of wood or metal that can be turned to block all light or allow a little in. If you want to have full access to the window, the blinds are pulled straight up. Horizontal blinds offer the benefit of dimming the amount of light being let into the room gradually, instead of having an all or nothing approach like most fabric blinds offer.

Wooden blinds are the most durable type of blinds Perth but are more expensive. Metal blinds are a cheaper version but not always as durable due to the more flexible material. However, both types are among the easiest of blinds for cleaning since they just require dusting and some hot, soapy water.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

The downside of metal and wooden blinds is that they do not allow for multiple colours – unless you paint them. This can be a major downside if you want something for a child’s room. Fabric blinds are perfect for this and vertical ones are excellent for offering all the advantages of horizontal blinds. They can be opened slightly to allow some lighting through the slits or pulled to one side to clear the whole window.

Vertical blinds are easily removed from their support system and can be washed in the washing machine. The main downside is that fabric is less durable than the other materials.

Fabric Pull Blinds

When you want the benefit of different colours but need an easy to use blind, pull ones are perfect. These come in the most variety of colours and some have patterns on them, making them the best option for most children’s bedrooms. They have one draw cord to raise and lower the blind, which is perfect for younger children to use instead of having to work out which of the two or three cords to pull.

The downside of the fabric blinds is that you either let all the light in or none at all. This can be annoying when you have a lot of sun coming into a room during certain times of the year. Many worry about the thickness of the blinds too and that they let in too much light, especially for babies. However, they are available in different thickness of materials and darker colours to help with that.

When choosing your blinds Perth, think about the needs for your home. Those needing blinds for a child’s room may benefit more from fabric pull blinds that come in many different shades and patterns instead of trickier wooden ones.

Window Coverings- The Style Should Match the Room

Window Coverings- The Style Should Match the Room
For the longest time there has been a misconception that the window coverings should be the same throughout the entire home. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you decorate & design each room, it has its own style, theme, and personality. The window coverings should complement the specific room they’re going in. If you use the same window covering in every room of your home, it not only becomes monotonous & boring, but doesn’t give each room the credit & attention due. That is where choosing the perfect window covering for each room is so important, and can be quite fun.
When choosing a window covering for a room, keep in mind what the room is going to be used for, as well as what activities may be happening in that room. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to put silk curtains in your kitchen close to where the prepping & cooking would be happening. You’re very likely to get food products, grease, and other dirt on the curtains; and silk is very hard to clean. Just like you wouldn’t necessarily want to put generic blinds with a long pull cord near a crib or bed where a child approximately 2 years of age can pull it &/or hurt themselves. You have to look at what style is in the room, a particular theme if possible, as well as what its use is. A great example is roman shades in a dining room. They’re classy, yet adjustable & usually washable. They come in various fabrics & colors, and you can adjust the height on them depending on time of day or desire. Another great example is vertical blinds for a patio door. They’re easy to maneuver, easy to wipe down, and really give a room a spacious look-no matter what size it is. Plus, they can be adjusted to allow a variety of amounts of light in. Now for the bedroom, many people want something that will keep the light out; thankfully, there are room darkening shades, blinds, and curtains. There are also curtains that have a special backing on them to not only keep the heat out, but the light as well. If you use the right curtain rod, and place the curtains at just the right location, your room can go from allowing plenty of natural light in, to going almost completely dark. This is especially useful for those who may work third shift, and have to try to catch their rest during the day. Many people find it difficult to rest when there’s light in the room. There are also becoming an increasing number of people who are sensitive to light-especially when it’s time for them sleep. Even a faint light, like from the alarm clock, can keep them awake & unable to rest. Room darkening shades or curtains are a blessing for people with issues like this because their room is as dark as they need it to be; not even the street lights peek in.
When you’re deciding on what type of window coverings to use, always keep in mind the style of the room, as well as the usage in the room. These will be deciding factors in what type of window coverings go in the room, and what they’re made of. If they’re going in a room with much use, being washable is always a plus in case they get dirty or splattered on. Also keep in mind certain window coverings that just aren’t made to fit a specific size window. That way, you don’t fall in love with something, buy them, and get them home to find they won’t work. That can be a huge disappointment.