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Dual Rollers Blinds


Dual Rollers by Perth Blinds

Dual Rollers can be made using sheer, Translucent or Blockout fabric. You simply pick two fabrics. One to blockout the light and the other to see through eg. Sheer or let light in eg. Translucent.Dual Rollers come in a range of base rail colours too and the blinds should be installed with the back blind back rolled and front blind front rolled for best results


The New Combo brackets have a compact design as seen below much less intruding out of the window recess than the standard Dual bracket. They can be installed inside the window or above the window and come in a choice of four colours- Grey, Black, White and Beige.Bracket covers are available for the Combo Dual bracket too so if fitted above your window it looks great still.The blinds can also be linked and have Easy link compatibility which means the blinds if butting up to another blind can be linked to use the same chain control as the blind next to it.

Chains can either be the same side for both blinds on the bracket or split eg. Left control Blockout blinds, right control sheer blind. The brackets are manufactured by Acmeda a trusted name in Australia and are fantastic quality. Blinds on this system can be linked using linking brackets and if stainless steel chain controlled come with chain tensioners

Motorise your Dual Blinds!

Both types of Dual blinds can be with chain controlled or motorised, using switch wall control, Home Automation or Acmeda Remote control. We have several systems available; please see motorised options for more information. Both battery operated or wired versions available.

The chain controls are made of stainless steel or they can be black or white plastic if you choose. Our chain controls are completely child safe as our installers tension the chains to comply with Australian Law and for your family, friends and pets safety.
We have a huge range of fabrics and there is three types of fabric Block out to stop the light, Translucent to let the light in but stop glare, heat, UV and give you privacy day and night. Then there is Sheer which will stop some heat, UV, Glare and people cant see in from outside during daytime, but at night it works in reverse. Most customers use Blockout and sheer together for Duals. But some match translucent fabric with blockout. The choice is yours.

There is a choice of 8 base rails and four bracket colours. The different style base rails Inc. flat, round and most popular oval you have plenty of choice. Bracket colors come in a choice of four colors, black, beige, white and grey and they can all come with end caps too if required.

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