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Cafe Blinds


Cafe Blinds by Perth Blinds

Make the right choice and choose Perth Blinds for your Outdoor Blinds.

We have several types of Café blinds available in the Perth Blinds range. We only use the highest quality fabrics for all our Café blinds and all fabrics come with a 5-year Guarantee. We custom make the Café blinds here in Perth, not just for the convenience of local manufacturing, but mainly so we can make sure the quality is the best it can be for every blind. There are several control options available including Remote controlled which is becoming increasingly popular here in WA, Crank, Rope and Pulley and the Track Guided systems which are very easy to operate.

Urban Trak® Café Blinds.

Urban Track is top of the range in the outdoor blind world, delivering the perfect finish to your outdoor area. The blind is locked into slimline side-tracks to ensure you get a perfect seal around your outdoor entertaining area. Side tension tracks keep tension on the blind. The blind can be left at any desired height. The enclosed pelmet cover gives a superior and stylish finish to a top quality blind. The blind can be locked into place when down for Extra security.Available in up to 5.5m Widths. Simply slide the blind up or down from the centre with spring assist.

Ziptrak® Café Blinds

Ziptrak® has no zips, no ropes, no straps and no buckles. It is the easiest type to operate without it being motorised. You can have a manual control system which you simply lift with one finger or you can have them remote controlled too. Ziptrak® blinds keep areas warm in winter and cool in summer- so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season. Pull down and push up! It’s that EASY to protect yourself from the elements with Ziptrak® trackPremium Locking Base rail - This Café blind has a unique Locking base rail that locks on both sides and has the strongest and thickest base rail in Perth, No straps, all componentry is marine graded & they can be made with doorways or split for easy access. Gabled or curved patio is no problem our blinds are custom made to measure to suit those difficult and tough situations

Channel Blinds

Channel Blinds have channelling at the sides and crank gearbox operation. They come with a simple pocket and rod base with lock in pins. Available in Sunscreen fabric or PVC.Australian made and designed this product enables you to enclose your patio or pergola, keeping the weather out, but allowing the flexibility to open the area up as required.CHANNEL Clear PVC awnings can be made up in tinted or Clear PVC.No unsightly ropes and pulleys, zips that jammed or tore away from the fabric. When ordering, the system can be configured for both crank gearbox or be motor driven and exposed hardware can be powder coated to suit your existing scheme.

Rope and Pulley Blinds

This is a more traditional style of outdoor blind.The rope is used to raise and lower the blind into position with the fabric rolling up from the bottom.
When it comes to Café Blinds the right fabric is incredibly important!

What makes Urban Track and Ziptrak® Unique?

Operating blinds can be a cumbersome and time consuming task, Urban Track and Ziptrak® track guided blind systems takes out all the hard work, leaving you with perfect shade, wind and UV protection and an elegant blind that will enhance the look and feel of your structure; home or business.Ziptrak® track guided blind system has specially designed slotted tracks in which the blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping at any position. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds and UV – no zippers or buckles required, it’s that simple. To protect your verandah or patio from wind and rain while continuing to enjoy the view, use clear or tinted PVC.

So simple and quick to open and close, anyone can do it!


Ziptrak® stops and stays in any position without locks using a special spring balance system. For extra ease of use, Ziptrak® is also available with remote operated electric motor, making a simple process even easier!

Endless Possibilities

• Quality fabrics and materials allow you to useyour outdoor areas all year round
• Shade material or clear PVC!

All Weather Protection Ziptrak® has a solution for your home or business to guard against high winds, heat and sun as well as UV rays, and cold weather.

Environmentally Friendly 

Ziptrak® helps you cut down on energy use by keeping areas WARMER IN WINTER and COOLER IN

Make your Ziptrak Remote controlled

Your Ziptrak® system can be motorised, and we are now additionally offering the amazingly simple and environmental SolarSmart™ automation solution for Ziptrak® blinds. SolarSmart™ is the most advanced green technology in solar powered outdoor blind automation in Australia. The SolarSmart™ system requires no hard wiring and is totally independent of mains power.The SolarSmart™ system incorporates the sylphs Maxim Radio Transmitter and is available in both 1 Channel and 6 Channel options. Both transmitters are powered by a 3 Volt Lithium button battery.

Completely solar powered
Cut down energy use
Reduce carbon footprint_Save on energy costs
No hard wiring
Fast and easy to install
No electricians requiredR
emote control operation
Save time and money
Manufactured in Perth WA

Your Ziptrak® blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping and holding at any position without the need to lock it!Simple to Operate
Our new Central Lock Release makes it even easier.Simply push the Ziptrak® blind down to lock it in the down position!
All Weather Protection
Lock your Ziptrak® system in the down position to guard against high winds and UV rays.
To unlock, simply pull the handle

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