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Luxaflex LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers

A visually striking alternative to sheer curtains.

LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers offer a softly filtered view, providing privacy with easily controlled tilting vanes.

The luxurious look of soft curtains is accentuated at night when the shades are closed. Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are used to control sunlight in the most elegant manner.

Luminette Privacy Sheers can be used in virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening. They’re perfect for large doors or windows.

Drawn open like curtains with the use of a cord loop, the sheers can be drawn closed and the fabric vanes can be rotated like blinds, with a simple twist of the wand.

A Travelling Wand Operating System allows the perfect blend of curtains and blinds from a single control.

The innovative wand and cord are combined into a single control for the perfect blend of form and function. There are no unsightly cords to worry about, making them safer for children.

A unique 180-degree vane rotation and travelling wand allows for seamless movement of the shade with minimal light gaps.

Having a single track with inbuilt pelmet eliminates the need for double tracks, curtain lining, pelmets and draw backs, providing a minimal, streamlined design which is soft and elegant.

The unique sheer fabric facings reduce the sun’s UV rays, depending on the fabric selected.

Luminette Sheers are ideal for large windows or doorways as they allow instant access with the sliding of the shade – this can be challenging with other styles of window coverings.


Luxaflex+Luminette+Privacy+Sheers-1 Luxaflex+Luminette+Privacy+Sheers-2

Light and privacy

Provide effortless functionality to deliver the ultimate in light and privacy control.

Precise control

The crisp vanes rotate smoothly.

Sleek design

The fabric header conceals the exclusive SOFTRAK® Track System as the sheers traverse along the sleek, low-profile headrail.

Neat and unobtrusive

The fabric edge treatment provides a neat, finished look.

Smooth and reliable operation

The innovative Softrak scissor mechanism provides incredibly smooth and reliable operation.


Luminette Privacy Sheer fabrics have a durable, bottom finish designed to resist fraying.

Classic 89mm Vane
For a timeless, understated and subtle design.


Diffuse the light to provide a warm glow when closed. Ideal for living rooms.

Room darkening
Darken a room for complete privacy. Ideal for bedrooms.

Operating systems

Combination Wand/Cord or Travelling Wand
Both the Combination Wand/Cord and the Travelling Wand provide manual operation of the SOFTRAK® System hardware. Tilt and traverse functions are conveniently combined into one control. The Travelling Wand system is perfect for sliding glass doors. Simply push or pull the wand to traverse the product, and twist to rotate the vanes.

The combined Wand/Cord traverses the fabric through a cord operation. Twist the wand to rotate the vanes. The Wand/Cord always stays in the same position, unlike the Travelling Wand.

The PowerRise operating system is available with the SOFTRAK® System hardware and is the perfect solution for large or hard-to-reach windows and doors. This quiet system is also great for homes with children and pets. The hand-held remote allows easy operation with the touch of a button.

Luxaflex+Luminette+Privacy+Sheers-3 Luxaflex+Luminette+Privacy+Sheers


In traditional and classic style, with the purest of whites graduating to a subtle selection of beiges.

A neutral colour palette allows coordination with LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shading colours.

Warm, beige hues with a vertical linear pattern give this fabric an element of depth.

Sheer Linen
Featuring a random textured weave in a rich neutral colour palette in shades of beige browns.

Nature’s own colour palette, with an elegant and subtle vertical texture.

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